~The Different Kinds Of Polyurethane~

polyurethane-materialPolyurethane is a plastic material that is available in many forms.  It can be manipulated to be either flexible or rigid, which makes it a wide used material in many different things.  In fact, polyurethane can be used in bedding, furniture, carpet underlay, automotive interiors and packaging items to name a few. What are the different types of polyurethane?

Types Of Polyurethane

  • Flexible- Flexible polyurethane is very durable, supportive, and comfortable.  It is generally used in bedding, furniture and some carpet underlays.
  • Waterborne Dispersions- this is a newer type of polyurethane meant to replace other types of materials that are proving to be harmful to the environment.  This material is made up of coatings and adhesives that use water as their main solvent
  • Polyurethane Coatings, etc.– coatings, sealants & adhesives made withtelecommunications-poyurethane polyurethane have many benefits.  Coatings will positively affect the product’s appearance and also preserve the product through a longer life span.  Sealants offer tighter seals, adhesives are stronger and all three are extremely resistant to environmental factors.
  • Thermoplastic- this version of polyurethane offers great elasticity, is flexible, resistant to abrasions, as well as weather & impact resistant.
  • Rigid- is a rigid foam like substance that is also known as one of the most energy efficient insulations and can cut energy costs drastically if utilized.  It has been proven to make both residential and commercial properties lower energy usage and enhance energy efficiency while still maintaining high levels of comfort
  • bumper-polyurethaneReaction Injection Molding- this polyurethane compound is found in your vehicle’s bumpers, electric house paneling, telecommunication equipment and also computers.  It is extremely heat resistant offers great thermal insulation, is light in weight but high in strength, as well as, offering great stability.
  • Binders- this material helps mind different types of particles together.  It is often used in wood paneling, flooring surfaces, and a lot of carpet underlay.

With so many different types of Polyurethane to choose from, now you know why it is used in so many different and versatile products.  The fact that it can provide such energy efficiency is beyond remarkable for our world that uses an abundance of electricity and energy daily.  Polyurethane is here to stay and it will help to do great things!